Pre ban magazines in massachusetts what group

The moment the manufacturer made the magazine, it was legally possessed by the manufacturer. Whenever I hear an oppressor justify their actions with feigned compassion, I am reminded of the wise words of C. I believe that as leos with this LTC-A unrestricted we can own high cap mags 30 rnd for such a weapon system.


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pre ban magazines in massachusetts what group

Cool Blue. When questioned whether the gun owner was targeted because of his foreign-sounding name, Methuen PD laughed , and said:. I have heard if the hi-cap mag was made before 1994 it is ok to have.

pre ban magazines in massachusetts what group

Thanks in advance and be safe. The obnoxious nannyism of Massachusetts legislators in dictating how homeowners store their firearms is not just an inconvenience and a violation of their personal liberties.

legal to ship preban mags to MA?

Three things to look for. Worse than that, despite numerous attempts from vendors, there doesn't seem to be any clarification of the law.

pre ban magazines in massachusetts what group

His property was seized, and his Massachusetts gun licenses were revoked. If these charges do not represent infringements… then what does? As a precaution, the guy also sent me his Class A certificate which specifies "large capacity".

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Massachusetts college student faces up to 10 years in prison for owning standard gun magazines

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Massachusetts Bump Stock and Magazine Bans Filed