Mister chow hangover quotes vegas

Hangover Quotes Mr Chow GIFs

He's jackin' his little weenis. You know what I mean?

mister chow hangover quotes vegas

No thank you. Yeah, what's wrong?

Ken Jeong: Mr. Chow

Do the Oscars Need a Host? She's wearing my grandmother's holocaust ring i was going to give to melissa! There's a tiger in there!

mister chow hangover quotes vegas

Dec 15, 2009 Warner Bros. This isn't real Caesars Palace.

mister chow hangover quotes vegas

Phil, there is a tiger in the bathroom! Well, let me tell you a secret about the business, man. Isn't It Romantic. Why do you think we can't remember anything from last night?

10 Funny Quotes From ‘The Hangover’

Hey, Phil, look. No, I'm sorry, Mr. The Upside. You probably get this a lot; this isn't the real Caesars Palace, is it?

So there... In weird places? That was a personal triumph for me; whether people know about it or not….