How to open eee box 1501 linden

how to open eee box 1501 linden

But 2GB is not too bad. I just received the Eee Box and am going to try it for a while.

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Finally, I booted the computer and checked the memory. However, then it will not run in dual-channel mode. Many thanks, Surboy.

how to open eee box 1501 linden

Just to emphasize: The side where the screws were shown with red is already loose and there is no need to try to start from there. Share this: The eee box makes an awesome computer when coupled with any Linux distro.

Thanks a lot, very appreciated.

Instead take a table knife and work on the spots shown with the green crosses where the cover is kept in place. With the side cover off we now need to unscrew just one screw in order to access the memory compartment in the lower right: I bought the extra memory and 250 GB 7200 Rpm drive, betting on the come I would find something on the net on how to open the case.

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn. This will make it much more easy for me to upg. Instructions were great… one caution, when putting the case side back, the tabs fold over and subsequently break off rather easily, at least one of mine did on the front side top — the other 5 tabs and 2 screws still hold the side very securely.

how to open eee box 1501 linden

Best regards. Your picture helped very much. I called Asus and the tech was nice enough to specify the memory and type of HD. Can anyone confirm this? I found this link was recommended by http: I know bits.

Upgrading the RAM on Eee Box

It makes wonders and eventually the cover comes off without the need to use force or make scratches. Thank you so much for posting this. Instead of a table knife I recommend an expired credit card. I have a B204 box and was told by other users in a forum that it had only 1 slot not 2 slots.

how to open eee box 1501 linden

Only peel off the right sticker when looking at the box as shown in the pictures above.