How to mis spell words

N neighbor - The word "neighbor" invokes the silent "gh" as well as the "ei" sounded as "a" rule. However, this rule applies to accented syllables ending on L and R, e.

how to mis spell words

So, rules can be broken! Actually, the "i-before-e" rule has more exceptions than words it applies to!

20 Commonly Misspelt words

R receipt - Surely, you've received the message by now: I before E except after. People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards. P pastime - Since a pastime is something you do to pass the time, you would expect a double S here. S schedule - If perfecting your spelling is on your schedule, remember the SK sound is spelled as in "school. I ignorance - Don't show your ignorance by spelling this word with -ence!

Let's dive right in. Two Hs in the word are enough. Join YourDictionary today. After that, people began spelling it like "rhythm.

how to mis spell words

D converts to C before Q. The guy is a "tyrant" and his problem is "tyranny. If not, as in here, you don't.

Make informed decisions with the FT.

Double the P, not the R. However, the spelling "judgement" largely replaced judgment in Britain in non-legal contexts. Remember that, and the fact that E is used in both syllables, and you can write your sergeant without fear of misspelling his rank.

how to mis spell words

F fiery - The silent E on fire is cowardly: CH sound spelled as SC is unusual but legitimate. B believe - You must believe that I usually comes before E except after C.