How to make a voodoo witch costume

So, what are you going as for Halloween?

Coolest Homemade Voodoo Doll Costumes

Then I glued the heart over the top. Fold a sheet of paper in half and draw the best heart you can. I also used it for the No-Sew Trick-or-Treat bags. Painted in my brows, used some eyeliner and lipstick, and taaa-daa!

how to make a voodoo witch costume

For wire that's 14 gauge or less, you'll be able to bend it and then wind it inside the two felt pieces and can skip the foam all together. Design Tutorials. Pretty cool huh?! Insert straight pins into cushion.

how to make a voodoo witch costume

Excellent 'ible. I decided to go ahead and do makeup, too. I am wearing a black tulle skirt under the dress to make the bottom half fuller. Easy breezy. To create neck scarf, use jute or other natural twine or rope to tie plastic bones to old necklaces and jewelry.

Fashion Tutorials.

Easy Voodoo Doll Costume

The deadlock wig is from Walmart. I cut the dowels at various sizes with kitchen shears. Last year I was admittedly a bit of a slacker. Easy Lampshade Update Ideas October 3, 2012.

Finish skirt embellishment by covering a standard pincushion with a scrap of muslin and tying in place with a piece of jute twine. My Top 10 Thrifting Tips: Intermediate Leatherworking Class.

Voodoo Witch Costume

You may also like. To make the heart and 3D pins, I used red scrap fabric, FabriTac glue, small dowels I got at Walmart in a pack, small round toppers I also got at Walmart in a pack, grey and black paint, a small piece of thin wood I used a wooden gift tag that I had lying around , and some real sewing pins.

My friends and family have notice my obsession and have come to expect some kind of get-up out of me every year.

how to make a voodoo witch costume

Put a Bow on It: The wig is from Walmart and I just cut the bangs myself and used hair ties to make pig tails. I work at instructables by day, and turn into a stitch witch by night. I Made It! I used 2 yards of Swedish weave fabric I bought from Walmart in cream.