How to hand hewn logs

how to hand hewn logs

No junk, I promise. Like us on FB. October 22, 2010, 09: He sure makes it look easy. The process of creating a square beam from a round log, by hand, is quite simple though labour intensive.

The Forestry Forum is sponsored in part by: Begin with gentle strokes on the line to separate the remaining wood. This size is large enough to stand on to score. I like using my felling ax to remove joggles.

Logs to Lumber: Hand-Hewn Timber the Old Way

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how to hand hewn logs

Measuring Device — Measuring tape or ruler for layout dimensions. Dec 2014. Like Loading... You may notice that I broke of one corner of the beam by accident.

And on the hand tool front, how skillful does one need to be? Considering how those tools were cutting I was counting his feet.

how to hand hewn logs

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how to hand hewn logs

It needs a another pass to help smooth out the side. Removing both dogs at once may shift the log out of plumb.

When the joggles are removed, there should be about a half-inch of wood proud of the chalk line. Once the beam is complete, you can further smooth the surface with an adze.

Occasionally step back and check alignment of the face using the chalk line and end dimension marks as sighting guides. V-notches cut to the line create jogs which are removed in the juggling process.

Hand Hewn Logs Add Richness to Home

Once you have one face complete, make the chalk line for the next face and repeat until you your round log is a rectangular beam. Post to Cancel. Click on the pictures to see larger versions.

I used the chainsaw-method on this 18 inch diameter log.