How high to make backsplash in bathroom

Use them as a starting point and feel free to adjust them to fit your space and to accommodate the users of the space. Previous Post. Notify me of new posts by email.

In that case, even a 2 inch backsplash might do the trick, though you should ask your contractor before you make that determination.

Trendy Tiled Bathroom Backsplashes

If the sconces are hung on the side walls, the walls facing each other versus the back wall where the mirror is hung, how many inches from the back wall should they be hung. Unusual materials such as limestone tile are giving it a new look. When choosing outlets for an area where there is water present, such as a bathroom, you need to install a GFCI electrical outlet.

That depends. While some do worry that it might make your bathroom look dated in a few years, subway tile is timeless in the right context. Whether they play a backup role to a bathroom sink or run along a bathtub, tile backsplashes are as decorative as they are functional.

This full height backsplash uses approximately 30 square feet of tile, which is quite a minimal amount of materials and cost in order to attain a much higher end look than using a 4 inch tall backsplash.

how high to make backsplash in bathroom

Laura Firszt. Granite may be the most common material that homeowners choose for their backsplashes.

Bathroom Backsplashes: How Tall Should They Be?

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. You can use shiplap, wood plank, cement board, beadboard, reclaimed wood, glass, mirror, brick, or any other non-absorbant material. The long answer? This moisture comes from water which pools behind the bathroom faucet or along the side of the tub.

Install tiles vertically for a more modern look.

how high to make backsplash in bathroom

Unlike granite, which is one piece of stone, tile backsplashes can be made up of multiple elements of different sizes, shapes and styles. Finally, be sure to calculate the thickness of your countertop into the overall height of the finished vanity. If you would like for Fletcher Design Consultants to help you with a backsplash in your home, or have any other interior design need, please contact us. Would you rather browse photos for inspiration?

how high to make backsplash in bathroom

Photo by Dillen Grady - More bathroom ideas. It also gives you plenty of space to create gorgeous designs with high-end tile or granite.

How High To Place Your Bathroom Fixtures

Backsplash to the Bottom of Upper Cabinets or to the Ceiling A better alternative to a standard 4 inch tall backsplash is to continue your backsplash all the way up to the ceiling, or the bottom of your upper cabinets, in order to give your kitchen or bathroom a more high end custom look. Check out this video!

With tile, you can design whatever you like, including stylish mosaics and accents. Beautiful tiled backsplashes are not just for kitchens anymore!

how high to make backsplash in bathroom

Accent Notes -- Individual contrast tiles are scattered among the field tiles … a fantastic way to show off a few special Mexican or Armenian handmade tiles!