How do you print photos on metal

how do you print photos on metal

Since the lightest color available white point is the metal itself, images will look darker. Printer Profiles.

how do you print photos on metal

Printing is our passion. We suggest hanging your metal print on a stud in the wall rather than on drywall or plaster.

How to Sublimate an Image to Aluminum!

We have made displaying your Metal Prints easy with our many selections, including shadow standout mount hanging solutions for a floating effect and metal easel-backed stands for a tabletop option.

As Eric Von Lehmden writes in The Canvas Press, photographers have been printing on metal practically since the invention of photography.

how do you print photos on metal

All shipping charges are your responsibility and such charges will be provided to you during the checkout phase of your purchase. We love taking digital images and bringing them to life as stunning art.

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how do you print photos on metal

A true color surface: These stunning, luminous art pieces can be hung in a living room, bedroom or another favorite place in the home. Email Address.

What is a Metal Print? Here’s What You Should Know

Tap here for additional information. All trademarks and service marks on any of the Site not owned by us are the property of their respective owners. While using the Site, you agree not to: Finally, let your design sit for 1 hour before rubbing the paper off with a water-soaked paper towel. Though our metal prints, like this portrait style design , tend to be relatively light, metal prints are still slightly heavier than other prints due to their durable materials.

For the best browsing experience, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox. You can use fine sandpaper and clean all the dust with a cheesecloth-type of lint-free material. Vibrant and durable - and available with a range of printed decorative border options - metal photo prints need no frame, giving your photos a sleek and sophisticated profile whether they're hung on the wall or placed on an end table.

Complete Guide to Metal Photo Prints

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