Wholesale hand towels for salons

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wholesale hand towels for salons

We have deeply embedded roots in the textile industry in t... Double stitched at hems for.

Premium-PLUS BLACK SALON TOWELS 15X25 100% Cotton - Wholesale Hand Towels

Medium Blue. Order your favorites now or contact us for assistance. Login Form Username. Velour Hand Towels. Navy Blue.

wholesale hand towels for salons

Premium Plus. D27 Our Price: Spectrum Hand Towels.

wholesale hand towels for salons

You will find your perfect salon towel because you can search for the specifications you need. Cart empty. Towels with low-quality materials will irritate your skin, causing skin issues like redness, blackheads or acne. Home Salon Towels. Constant cycles with detergents and fabric softeners can damage your towels or make them less absorbent and useful.

Spa & Salon Hand Towels

Towel Super Center offer bulk sizes of one dozen and more. High quality.

wholesale hand towels for salons

Laundry Detergent. About a decade ago, we decided there... D25 Our Price: Your towels with vibrant colors will set if you wash them with half the normal amount of detergent and about one cup of vinegar to the load.

It stretches more than standard.