Who are michonnes pet walkers

who are michonnes pet walkers

Which means that Michonne need not go through the hassle of having pets.. It also impressed me how fast she tamed the walkers. Start a new discussion. I don't know how much of that was explicitly stated in the comics, and how much is just how I understood it. Having success with that, she kept them around to serve that purpose until she hooked up with Rick and his group and had more articulate sources of protection.

If a walker can think, even the most basic primal instinct driven thoughts, then all it thinks is it wants food. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

They essentially lose their purpose. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

who are michonnes pet walkers

They see a walker going somewhere and their primal instinct is "there must be food this way" and they go with; this being how a herd is created. Well, here's where there's a bit of a tweak: Well, yeah... No bitching if your post is removed for being a shitpost. Michonne incapacitated them and immediately they thought "Oh well, I'm completely useless now.

The masking of your scent might happen right away, but my assumption is if you remove the arms and jaws of walkers they are not intelligent enough stop trying to attack you right away. News at eleven.

The Walking Dead: Who Are Michonne’s Pets?

She started moving about and acting much more "human-esque" you could say. So this eliminates sight from the list of senses used to track and kill their prey. Want to add to the discussion? Merely sitting quietly has warranted an attack from walkers in the woods a favorite method of the writers to catch cast members off guard on this show. So by keeping two walkers who smell awfully of dead flesh and walker stench, and who have lost their will to eat or attack, you can essentially camouflage yourself among other walkers.

The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere: Who Are Michonne's Pets?

Submit a new link. I don't know, but if keeping walkers in close proximity to you makes other walkers not smell you, then theoretically moving through any large crowd of walkers you should be fine because they would all be smelling each other.. Assuming that they are easily trained, that proves that they can actually see her and are indeed following her. It makes sense as you're watching the show, and it's cool as hell anyway, so what if it stops making as much sense when you're raiding the fridge for that midnight sandwich and thinking about the show?

who are michonnes pet walkers