Where is area code 801 scam

Scam Call from 281-845-3539 (Houston Texas Area Code)

I don't mess with numbers that I am not familiar with. They then aggressively replied with "I don't give out my information and your spouse gave me this as a contact number.

CPP: Scam Originating from 801 Area Code

If you've been the victim of a phone scam or fraud from a phone number starting with 801, then be sure to file a complaint with the appropriate authorities. Anonymous June 26, 2018 at 7: David June 30, 2016 at 9: Learn how to filter unknown or unwanted texters from your iMessages.

where is area code 801 scam

If it is not a toll free number, then you will be paying to use this service when you call to complain about your missing points. I just listened to the message and then hung up. I have blocked 5 of their numbers and today, they called twice from two new ones.

801 area code

Marriott is based in Utah. Told them I needed to know why they were calling.

where is area code 801 scam

I got a text message from 8015166336 about a Honda crv 2004 for the price of 2,000 the person will not personally call but yes a scam. Deleted and blocked number. Got a SCam call from 801-896-1222.

Scam Alert: Do not answer calls from these area codes

How can we have all 801 numbers unable to call here. Anonymous February 14, 2017 at 11: Sure enough got an interested caller with an 801 area code. Thanks for putting up here 801 scams.

where is area code 801 scam

Have received several calls lately from 801 area codes and they attempt to "confirm" personal information with my student loan. Anonymous April 16, 2016 at 8: