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The aluminium sheet on the inside is slightly smaller than the outer sheet. Understanding Heart Disease. The canopy was placed on the edges of the cockpit and attached with Plastic Padding. The dismantled area is covered with new plywood so that the new material is attached on the aileron ribs, leading edge and end batten and meets the existing covering in a butt joint.

The steel tube structure was made first, then the hinges were welded on the frame and then the cover structure was assembled into the wheel well hole. When the landing gear is pulled in, the wheel of the gear will push the lever and the wheel well cover closes. The sawn edges of the plates were buffed out. Legal notice.

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To make the new canopy, first a wooden model of the canopy had to be made. Kurdybachy, s. The loops were needed for the padlock. The wooden batten was cut to measure to fit between the ribs.

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The Tuesday Club was able to get hold of a machine gun camera control unit which has been in a Vihuri. Implementation 5. The team had no information on the actual shape of the fasteners at the ends of those struts and had improvised. The Tuesday Club will remove the rotten parts of the plywood covering of the aileron and rebuild the covering using new 1. VPV Agentur Rosslan. Some dismantled parts have been waiting for its return on the shelves of the restoration space, marked with plywood identification tags.

Now the metal frames at rear end and lower sides of the canopy and the windscreen arc could be attached to the canopy. The broken nail stubs were either filed down to the rib surface or struck into the rib using a punch. Wheel well cover of Myrsky? Learn how to build up the shading of the face with layers of color pencil to form the glowing complexion of the skin. It is a spare part never used in any Myrskys. Then the hatch plate was turned around and the rivet holes for fastening the stiffener, already laser cut on the hatch, were marked using a marker pen.

When the wing had been unfastened from the jig, it was lifted by the supports at the ends of the wing using a forklift and a manual lift and moved on a wooden working platform.

The aluminium fairings are attached to the frame by riveting. Rows of holes are drilled into the supporting frame for the rivets.