What is in the space between galaxies

Filed to: But, not everything between galaxies is hot. Email list: This is not some idle speculation: But, the light from the very distant universe that travels through the IGM has its wavelengths stretched by the expansion of the universe; that is, the light arrives "red-shifted", which allows astronomers to detect the fingerprint of the Lyman-alpha signal in the light they get through the Cosmic Web Imager and other ground-based instruments.

The power of the dark side

At that time, the first galaxies were ablaze with star formation. So what can it be? Our best estimates are that the total dark matter in the universe is about five times more massive than all the normal matter.

what is in the space between galaxies

Their observatories have revealed the shape, size and age of the universe in unprecedented detail, and their theories are starting to unlock the mysteries of the big bang.

Hubble's Universe Unfiltered. But, what about the regions between galaxies?

what is in the space between galaxies

Put simply, supersymmetry is a fundamental similarity or "symmetry" between the two basic types of particle in our cosmos: We are working to restore service. The Cosmic Web Imager, for example, is specifically equipped to look at the light coming from distant galaxies and quasars as it streams through this intergalactic medium.

Along the filaments and nodes of the cosmic web, there is some normal matter and dark matter, but at much lower density than in galaxies.

Hubble's Universe Unfiltered

As such, there is no such thing as a perfect vacuum: Sister sites: In particular, it is impossible to know the exact energy content of a region of space over a given period of time. That material gets "ripped away" from the galaxies by the force of gravity, and often enough it collides with other material.

what is in the space between galaxies

If so, physicists will win the eternal gratitude of their star-gazing colleagues. See all questions in Big Bang and Universe Evolution.