Missing value where true/false needed reminding

Unfortunately this approach was fraught with bugs, so I have now implemented a richer internal data model. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. I recheck the data and found where the problems is, there were some genes in the dataset that do not have expression data, which were assigned as NA! Powered by Biostar version 2. Ask Question. The organism I am work... Try the code below: Hot Network Questions.

Previously, dplyr used a rather ad-hoc approach which tried to guess when a new subquery was needed. Try the code below:.

[R] Error: missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed

Differential expression was done by DESeq2. Asur 1,845 1 10 19. If you give distinct a list of variables, it now only keeps those variables instead of, as previously, keeping the first value from the other variables. In the short-term, this is likely to lead to some minor performance decreases as the generated SQL is more complex , but the dplyr is much more likely to generate correct SQL.

Please update your question by posting reproducible errors sample data , so that it anyone can easily respond.

[R-sig-Geo] Error-message-when-trying-to-compute-the-least-cost-path-in-gdistance-in-R

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Dose anyone familiar with the use of goseq package here, I always get quick reply here, so I post my questions here, hope for some suggestions. At first I tried to convert de.


Hi, liupfskygre, It's hard to know exactly what the issue is without a reproducible example, but perhaps the assignment of values to variable names, which are also base R functions, could be a problem. I am using goseq to correct for RNA-seq length bias. Similarly, all code related to the data table dplyr backend code has been separated out in to a new dtplyr package.

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