How to beat josey lollipop chainsaw

how to beat josey lollipop chainsaw

So cut down a pole, let theme explode, cut down the next pole, and keep doing this until the hole is shut and the coast is clear. Press B to quickly dodge the van, and watch as it explodes into a bus that was blocking the path, opening the way for you and the survivor you've been protecting. Go down the hall and then you will find a Chop Shop. Once you get onto the UFO, destroy all the nodes, then let time time tick. An obese zombie body will then show up for Nick to use.

How can I defeat Josey in Lollipop Chainsaw?

Kill 10 zombies, and then Killabilly will destroy the semi. Anyway, with the eight keys, you can bypass the "LOCK" words at the north end of the maze, and then kick your way through the exit and go through the door.

how to beat josey lollipop chainsaw

Keep hammering Josey until his health expires and then chainsaw him when prompted. Kill the undead in this alley.

how to beat josey lollipop chainsaw

After all that stuff is over, you will now be in a junkyard. Kill the flying zombies.

how to beat josey lollipop chainsaw

The room that is farthest down the hall will have a lone survivor inside and only a couple of zombies to kill in order to save him.

A police officer will be rushing kids into the school. The dude that you're helping out will continue dragging his feet. You can kill a bunch at a time if you lead them to the truck with the canister in the back and then blow it up when they get close to it. Whenever this happens, press B to quickly shake them off.

How can I defeat Josey in Lollipop Chainsaw? A series of explosions will cause the upper level walls to be destroyed. This results in a QTE that sees Juliet cut off all of his fingers on one of his hands. To avoid being hit by it, use the rubble for cover as you move in closer to him.

Once the health meter is drained, press Y and then pull the left analog stick down, while still mashing on the Y button until Juliet successfully cuts him in half. There will be three giant chickens to kill. Kill them and several more will emerge from some nearby elevators chasing a Civilian. Gather the yellow canisters to keep the chainsaw from overheating, and keep using the ramps until you can go no further.

Site version: Then slice through the large mushroom.

Lollipop Chainsaw – Walkthrough

More zombies will show up. Buy some items and upgrades and kill all of the zombies. Source s: