Comic con 2012 doctor who trailer teaser

Fans of "2000 AD," the long-running British sci-fi comic book series that gave the world Judge Dredd, were going bananas last week.

'Star Trek,' 'Star Wars' & More: The Biggest Sci-Fi News from San Diego Comic-Con 2018

Let us know at community space. The Clone Wars" will return with 12 brand-new episodes on Disney's streaming service, sending fans into a frenzy. Mega City One" is progressing apace. During the 10th anniversary celebration panel, it was announced that "Star Wars: Discovery," "The Orville," "Star Wars: Short Treks.

Discovery' episodes," he added.

comic con 2012 doctor who trailer teaser

But there's no doubt that there will still be the trademark MacFarlane tension-breaking humor, punctuating some otherwise suspenseful scenes. Additional episodes will include a deep dive into Saru's backstory as the first Kelpien to join Starfleet, plus Tilly's journey aboard the USS Discovery and her friendship with an unlikely partner.

However, "Clone Wars" was never finished; it ended after five seasons — just as Ahsoka was leaving the Jedi Order. Christopher Pike.

comic con 2012 doctor who trailer teaser

First, Duncan Jones — writer and director of the epic, indie, sci-fi smash hits "Moon" and "Mute" — announced on Twitter that his next project would be about Rogue Trooper, another fan-favorite "2000 AD" character. Don't worry if you missed it; the full panel is available on YouTube below.

SDCC 2012 BBC America's Doctor Who FULL Panel Sunday July 15th

In addition, a couple of cast announcements were confirmed, including Rebecca Romijn as Number One — a character played by Majel Barrett in the pilot episode "The Cage" in the original "Star Trek" — and the return of Cruz, who will reprise his role as the Discovery's chief medical officer, Hugh Culber … even though the character was controversially killed off in the first season. The new season will be a 10-week run of 50-minute episodes on BBC America beginning in the fall, kicking off with a feature-length episode, the panelists said.

And there are so many amazing characters in the expanded Judge Dredd universe that it could explore, including Chopper, Judge Anderson, America and Judge Death, to name just a few. What does poor Saru have to do to become captain?!

comic con 2012 doctor who trailer teaser

It's a gritty, toxic war story that draws inspiration from many real conflicts over the past few centuries. We also get our tiniest first glimpse at the latest incarnation of the all-important Sonic Screwdriver.

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Next year is already looking good. During the panel, Whittaker talked about her journey from Cardiff to Gallifrey, Hollywood and beyond.

comic con 2012 doctor who trailer teaser

In addition to the pilot, he worked with a group of writers on the plot for the show's first couple of seasons.