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For this reason, the first newly-gained costume slot begins as a plain set of tights for these ATs, with only details like color scheme and facial features copied from the first slot.

This is done through a separate screen available at any time through either the Supergroup window, settings button, or at the tailor screen by selecting it over the "colors" options. Any chance one of you could walk me through how to turn my character's. After this costume is modified, it becomes the default for all further alternate costumes. Jump to: A character may change any costume pieces, as well as any size and scaling properties except the ones mentioned, any number of times and at any level.

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I am also curious about the Bin files. This looks amazing! All the OBJ exporter does is go through each face of the model in question and write out the vertex, vertex normals, and uv cords based on what is read into the GEO. I have successfully been able to add functionality to dump the geometry to the OBJ file format. CW sent me the schema for tricks. However, your costume will be changed regardless of any interruptions. History shows again and again How nature points out the folly of men.

Changing major style categories, like from "Full Masks" to "Helmets", is relatively expensive.

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Is it possible we are doing something wrong? Please login or register. So In regards to the GEO files does anyone know how it is supposed to find the correct texture files within the Pigg directory structure? Regarding the normals, when you said messed up I thought you meant inversed - that's something a modeler could fix really easily of course, but I think you meant off.

These commands can be inserted into binds and macros. All items purchased through the Paragon Market are available automatically from level 1.

Seems like most but not all the info is in tricks. Individual color changes are free.

Here’s the character creator from Ship of Heroes, a spiritual sequel to City of Heroes

After restoring the costume, saving the newer version of the costume is a good idea! I know someone has written a python script to extract them. Scale specs appear first and use the following format:. Changing any face or body shape sliders costs a very high fixed price, no matter how many change or by how much.

City of Heroes Paragon Chat with MJ: An anniversary costume contest

The program itself takes two parameters -- the path to the cityofheroes. I also found an archive of XML schemas for the parse tables of every Issue 24 bin file format.

Prior to that, Supergroup settings for costumes were across all costumes, and often led to bugginess if a costume shared a color with the Supergroup colors.

For a fee at a regular tailor NPC, any character may change almost any aspect of his or her appearance, except for the fundamental properties of gender , body type , and overall height.