What was happening in 1972 in britain

what was happening in 1972 in britain

Labour, under Harold Wilson, narrowly won the general election, by 317 seats to 304 for the Conservatives. Unemployment breached the psychologically significant barrier of three million as manufacturing was hard hit by a deep economic recession. More importantly, a layer of younger activists, mainly in Yorkshire, had revived the tradition of flying pickets.

what was happening in 1972 in britain

Long reads. Macmillan was the third Conservative prime minister in as many years.

what was happening in 1972 in britain

South Asia. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Spread the word. But to look at these 1972 bullet points and relate them to the rest of the decade, as many historians have done, is, I believe, to miss the point about that year.

Remembering 1972: 30 Pop Culture Highlights From A Glorious Year

It's my interpretation that in 1972 there was a disagreement or argument in the club which was scandalous possibly relating to Bloody Sunday but we have no way of knowing and has gone down in the club's history. Texas pleads for more flood aid. This event marked the beginning of rapid decolonisation in Africa. On 6 September, one million people lined the streets of London for her funeral. Under the 'One Country, Two Systems' policy, Hong Kong retained its own legal system, currency, customs policy and immigration laws for a minimum 50 years after the handover.

Euro coins first hit the streets of the 12 'eurozone' countries on 1 January 2002.

Britain:1945 to Present

Money Deals. The Taleban, who had allowed the terrorist organisation al-Qaeda to use Afghanistan as a base, was overthrown and replaced with a US-backed administration.

what was happening in 1972 in britain

All of the people in the club would have had strong opinions on all of these subjects and more. Vote Are you sure you want to submit this vote?

Police Van Through London Streets (1972)

Voucher Codes. Stefan Stefan 9,771 5 39 78. The grim event was one of many which forced us at last to start taking security seriously. Those who were not yet born, be prepared to be amazed. Read latest edition.

News and Events of 1972

There were widespread celebrations of the new millennium and relief that the 'millennium bug', which had been predicted to cause global computer meltdown, failed to materialise. At The Independent , no one tells us what to write. Keep me logged in.

what was happening in 1972 in britain

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