What is the miss congeniality award

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what is the miss congeniality award

Load comments. Spend your time during the pageant making friends and getting to know people. Please purchase a subscription to continue reading.

It's pure -- they are true to themselves. Allison Kathleen Farris.

what is the miss congeniality award

Miss Iowa 2018: Online Access. Several people interviewed for this story said that, more times than not, the community committees are pleased with their contestants' choice.

what is the miss congeniality award

They go on the Goodwill Tour, which includes visiting with and entertaining people in nursing homes, and on a trip to the Shriners Hospital in Chicago, where they tour the hospital, have lunch and visit with and entertain patients. At the Blossomtime level, Miss Congeniality and her male counterpart, Mr. Edit Article Add New Article. This is often detrimental to your quest to win the pageant, but essential to be Miss Congeniality.

Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines congenial, in part, as "existing or associated together harmoniously.

Other pageant girls are not likely to vote someone as Miss Congeniality if they feel they are a threat to win the crown. Please log in, or sign up for a new account to continue reading. Be a weak contestant.

what is the miss congeniality award

Taylor Tyson. Cheney came out of her coma in the hospital the night before the Miss Dowagiac contest. Miss Congeniality should pay more attention to others than to herself. Your Morning Kickstart is delivered to your inbox 7 a.

How to Be Miss Congeniality

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