What is boston time now

what is boston time now

For example, take a trip to Nova Scotia today and TV shows and sporting events in the United States all start one hour later at night. Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Switching to an earlier time zone and dropping daylight saving would put Massachusetts an hour out of sync from the rest of the East Coast from November to March, which could result in a good deal of confusion and inconvenience.

what is boston time now

And in fact, Massachusetts is officially pushing the idea of getting rid of it. On a map, New England and especially so Maine is hundreds of miles farther east than other Eastern Standard Time cities, which is why it currently gets darker earlier in Boston than it does in, say, Buffalo , despite the latter being farther north.

And if you thought this recent World Series ran late, trying waiting for the post-11: Click here! With most public schools in Massachusetts beginning the day before or around 8 a. Executed in 0.

Could New England actually change time zones—and what happens if it does?

Other countries or major cities or favorite locations. Want to see the time in Boston, Massachusetts, United States compared with your home? In their report Wednesday, the state commission argued more light in the afternoon would boost local commerce via evening retail sales; increase retention of students who cite the cold, dark winters as a frustration with the region; and even reduce crime and energy usage.

During the three weeks of the year when the United States observes daylight saving time but Europe does not, manageable, but costly, logistical challenges result for both passengers and airports, officials said. Have your own blog or web site? Download our free app.

what is boston time now

However, federal law only allows states to opt out of daylight saving time — as Arizona and Hawaii currently do. Perhaps a simpler solution would be to adopt daylight saving time year-round. Just confirming the current time?

Time Zone in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

So in terms of sunlight, for the majority of the year, there would be no difference. On the ground, Prerau says the change would also be chaotic and inconvenient for people living near or regularly traveling across the border, whether its on the edge of Western Massachusetts or on the Connecticut-New York line. For the entire month of December, the sun will set in Boston sometime between 4: Privacy Policy.

Choose a date and time then click "Submit" and we'll help you convert it from Boston, Massachusetts, United States time to your time zone. So the state commission recommended switching to Atlantic Standard Time and then opting out of daylight saving.

Time in Boston, Massachusetts, United States now

Have Feedback? Need to compare more than just two places at once? Location Menu. A man waits in the dark for sunrise. However, the legislation appears to have stalled after the two chambers failed to reconcile the bills.

If Massachusetts passes legislation to make the change and enough neighboring states agree to join, the move to a different time zone would still have to be approved by the U.