The who riverfront coliseum tragedy quotes

11 people who died at The Who Concert Tragedy remembered on 37th anniversary

Fans who waited outside mistook the Who's later-than-expected soundcheck for the actual concert and rushed the venue, finding only a few doors actually unlocked. Rock's Worst Mishaps and Tragedies. Still, producer Hugh Wilson was initially against the idea, scripted by stalwart writer Steven Kampmann.

Nonetheless, this concert utilized the ticketing process of unreserved so-called festival seating, meant more for open-air and open-field venues.

How a Cincinnati Concert by the Who Became a Tragedy

I've got a boy of 15, and two little girls. Filed Under: While the advent of cable and subscription networks has helped the situation comedy format expand and mature, on network television it still primarily exists in a fantasy land — filled with huge apartments the characters couldn't possibly afford based on the jobs they're supposed to have, or in a mythical New York City somehow filled with freely available street parking.

Watch News Coverage of the Stampede. By then, the Cincinnati municipal council had banned festival seating, heeding calls for such a ban that had been made as early as 1976.

How ‘WKRP in Cincinnati’ Broke the Rules to Cover the Who’s Concert Tragedy

Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. All I can say is: Watch 'WKRP: The Cincinnati venue had become known for its lax security and safety standards, evidenced by notorious occurrences at previous concerts by Yes and Led Zeppelin , among others.

The origin of this disaster can be traced in part to the practice of general-admission seating; 7,000 concertgoers rushed to secure first-come, first-served spots at the edge of the stage.

the who riverfront coliseum tragedy quotes

Such dark inspiration, no matter how pertinent, can kill the spirit of comedy. When the City Council reinstated festival seating in 2004, it did so with restrictions such as requiring additional emergency personnel and increasing the floor space-to-person ratio. They're our bread and butter. Entertainment News.

the who riverfront coliseum tragedy quotes

Almost three dozen lawsuits were filed following the December 1979 tragedy. No Cincinnati date is planned.