Planer boards for trolling/how to

Here in Wisconsin, we are allowed to fish 3 lines per person, which means 3 trolling lines.

planer boards for trolling/how to

In all of the pictures and even the video above you will notice that there was 3 boards per side of the boat. One feature the OR12 boards have as an upgrade is the tattle-flag system. With 2 boards, there is less of a chance to tangle lines when letting them out or fighting a fish, and it gives you less lines to have to worry about snagging.

planer boards for trolling/how to

MWO on Twitter. Then, as I move wider, I increase my leads and baits accordingly. Planer boards come in all sizes, colors and brands.

How to Use a Planer Board - Trolling with Planer Boards

Considering how useful a tool planer boards are, they are extremely simple to install and use. Fishidy is unlike any other fishing resource — it's a map-based, fishing social network.

How to Install and Use a Planer Board

Using the boards is super simple. In shallow, clear water the fish will hear and see the boat coming and swim wide of the boat, many times rendering your baits directly behind the boat ineffective unless exceptionally far back. Related Posts. From there, you will need to insert the mast into the base plate, and then follow your systems instructions on how to finish installing your planer board.

Trolling with Planer Boards for Walleye

Haasch has been instructing anglers for over 30 years with education seminars and timely freelance articles. It is a spring loaded flag that allows the flag on the board to be pulled down when a fish hits or the line gets snagged or cluttered with debris.

All serious trollers understand the importance of being able to stagger your lines throughout the water column in order to find active walleye which is another article all together!

When a fish strikes a lure behind a planer board, the board will start to pull back, and depending on how you choose to set your releases, it will either release and the board will slide down the line, or just pull back and you can remove the board manually well ahead of the fish.

Many fishermen like to install more than one planer board , so that they can utilize more than one line at a time.

planer boards for trolling/how to

In my opinion, and in the opinion of hundreds of other walleye pros these are by far the best planer boards in existence. Down and Out for Walleyes. Whether you are chasing walleyes, brown or lake trout on Lake Michigan or Green Bay, my springtime workhorses are my planer boards. There are tons of resources for learning to troll with inline planer boards including hundreds of online videos and other articles.

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Planer Boards are Key to Trolling

This is the advantage to running in-line planer boards verses running a mast and trolling ski setup. April 2016. This is where the majority of your bites will come.

The first thing to install is the backer board for the planer board mast system on your boat. Both methods work and enable you to bring the planer board and fish to net behind the boat without disrupting the other boards.