Piano chords rihanna what now album

Just because the instrument is in Bb does not mean it is the easiest key for the instrument. Very interesting! That has an incredibly interesting change in the middle, a change that cannot be found in any song in this weeks top 100, or probably this year.

I analyzed the chords of 1300 popular songs for patterns. This is what I found.

The team over at Apple, Inc. Great idea, I wish I had the technical capabilities to play with the data a bit. Nothing evolves if nothing vaires.

piano chords rihanna what now album

So both methods are useful I think. Also, you transposed all the songs to the same key in order to compare, and it was C. Hooktheory is a great way to analytically look at music academically and from the beat of the sound. You must have been looking at orchestral music.

piano chords rihanna what now album

However songs that mix major and minor should probably be in a third category. Well, perhaps not entirely surprising since the article presumably?

piano chords rihanna what now album

So they are in fact found in a lot of music in the key of C e. I look forward to more, especially with regard to your analysis of melody. BTW, this is just a comment about composing and is in no way meant to disparage the idea of the database, which I think is an interesting and probably very useful tool.

I disagree with the people saying C is not the easiest to play in on piano.

piano chords rihanna what now album

So they use the key of C or Am to write their music, and and the chords that go well with each other in that key. That does seem to be part of the point of moving everything to the same key.


For example: As an experienced song-writer, my guess is those songs would be way more diverse than the ones analyzed here. It would be an interesting exercise to do a melodic analysis on the same 1300 songs. It gives a one on one music set to show you what they are talking about and how it is repetitive etc. A 3-C 5 Piano. An analysis of key changes would be interesting too.

Shawn Paul.