Indian astronauts who went to space twice

He won his first bid to become a US Senator in 1974, representing Ohio for the Democratic Party, and was reelected numerous times before retiring in January of 1999.

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Gagarin was further selected to become part of the Sochi Six, an elite group of cosmonauts who formed the backbone of the Vostok program. After leaving NASA, he became a successful businessman.

indian astronauts who went to space twice

As the first man to ever go into space, no list of famous astronauts would be complete without Yuri Gagarin. So far, only one Indian has been to space: Over the course of his career, he flew several missions into space and served in multiple roles.

indian astronauts who went to space twice

As 0ne of the seven Mercury astronauts, Shepard was selected to be the first to go up on May 5th, 1961. Neil Armstrong is arguably the most famous astronauts, and indeed one of the most famous people that has ever lived. Astronomy Cast has an episode on the US space shuttle. Shepard went on to lead other missions, including the Apollo 14 mission — which was the third mission to land on the Moon.

indian astronauts who went to space twice

While on the lunar surface, he was photographed playing a round of golf and hit two balls across the surface. He is also the only Canadian to have received both a military and civilian Meritorious Service Cross, the military medal in 2001 and the civilian one in 2013. The first was as the pilot of the Apollo 8 command module, which was the first spacecraft to enter lunar orbit.

indian astronauts who went to space twice

Her second space flight was in 1984, also on board the Challenger. These missions involved rendezvousing with Mir and the ISS. Rakesh Sharma , who completed a mission in 1984 and who is planning to advise the current effort. On February 20, 1962, Glenn flew the Friendship 7 mission, and thus became the first American astronaut to orbit the Earth and the fifth person to go into space.

indian astronauts who went to space twice

Sally Ride. Ride retired from NASA in 1987 as a professor of physics and continued to teach until her death in 2012 from pancreatic cancer.

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There have been many astronauts who have made tremendous contributions to our knowledge of space. Though Russians had already sent up two female astronauts — Valentina Tereshkova 1963 and Svetlana Savitskaya 1982 — Ride was the first American female astronaut to make the journey.

Born in the village of Klushino in the Smolensk Oblast on March 9th, 1934, Gagarin was drafted into the Soviet Air Force in 1955 and trained in the use of jet fighters.