How to tag blog posts

At least not by default. A tag is usually only a word or two and reflects the keywords or points of your article. Some say that you can get penalized with duplicate content because of that. Your categories can be something like: I am launching a travel blog with multiple authors.

how to tag blog posts

Trusted by over 1. Can you please explain to me, if I add keywords to my post with the all in one SEO plugin, will these keywords be the meta keywords for the post?

You should still use your keywords in your titles, descriptions, etc. Featured In.

how to tag blog posts

Should I go back and remove some of the tags? I have a question which may help me when using tags. Never again.

What Are Blog Tags and What Can They Do for Your SEO?

And then I would use that category and tags over again later. Congratulations and thanks a lot!

how to tag blog posts

Duplicate Content Phantom: Hi Linda, You can have a tag with the same name as the category. Please advice if the following implementation is correct.

Wordpress Tutorial For Beginners - How to Use Tags Properly in Wordpress Posts

For example if you have a personal blog where you write about your life. In the WordPress nomenclature, both categories and tags are known as taxonomies.

how to tag blog posts

If all your posts are tagged science then basically the science tag pages will be duplicate of your main archives with essentially the same content. Choose the Table of Content categories wisely.

What is the difference between blog categories and blog tags?

No ofcourse not. For example, I might write an Astronomy post on star stuff, but that also fits into Spectroscopy. How are the archive URLs different for tags and categories?

how to tag blog posts