How to setup email on blackberry z10

For information about how to synchronize the contacts and calendar between your BlackBerry and your account using a wired connection, contact BlackBerry support. Contact Support. Select Next.

How to add a Microsoft Exchange email account on my BlackBerry Z10

Your device tries to set up your email account automatically. Enter the name of the outgoing server. Any other feedback? Troubleshooting on Mobile.

Set up email on a BlackBerry

Go to the BlackBerry Hub to access your email account. If you are not using Office 365, type the server address provided by your admin. If you had just tried the previous procedure, some of these settings may already be entered for you.

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how to setup email on blackberry z10

If you are using Office 365, leave the Domain field blank. If you haven't yet created any accounts, select Add Account. Was this information helpful? How to configure wireless calendar synchronization on a BlackBerry smartphone. In Server address , if you are using Office 365, type outlook. Use the following steps to use advanced settings to set up your Exchange ActiveSync connection to your account. If you connect to your account using a POP or IMAP connection, you will only be able to use and synchronize your email using a wireless connection.

Type your password and select Next.

Blackberry Z10 Email Setup

Yes No. How to enable or disable wireless contact synchronization with BlackBerry Internet Service.

how to setup email on blackberry z10

Set up email on a BlackBerry Office 365. If your account was set up, you will see your account listed on the Accounts list. If it can't set find your connection information, you'll see a message recommending that you use advanced setup steps.

If your email account can't be configured automatically, do the following:.

how to setup email on blackberry z10