How to orient a map boy scout

Make a marking or lay a stick on the ground that points north to the star. Ur mom says: Some orienteering veterans draw their own lines on their map that run parallel to the north magnetic pole and use them instead of the grid lines that are already on the map.

how to orient a map boy scout

The north magnetic pole is actually about 1,200 miles southwest of the true North Pole. Follow the arrow on the compass to your destination.

Maps, Compasses, and Declination

By effectively using one, you can stand in the middle of nowhere, pick a destination far off in the distance and know that, no matter how many obstacles might lie in your path, you can still get there.

Use a map and compass tutorial How To: Note that the shadow stick method cannot be used effectively in regions above 60 degrees latitude.

I can play for hours!

how to orient a map boy scout

In the northern temperate climate, many flowers will face east in the morning to maximize their exposure to the sun. Again, it will depend on what local geographical knowledge you have. Wait about 15 minutes, during which the shadow tip will move.

How to use a map and compass

You have to do it the old-fashioned way — with math. I know how to do this, but I need a map to do it for 2nd class. WordPress Website and Plugin Development Beautiful and functional websites for all types of organizations.

how to orient a map boy scout

Explain what map symbols mean. The difference between true north and magnetic north is called Variation. Notice the orienteering lines and direction-of-travel arrow are all parallel with the map lines. Remember, that the magnetic declination changes over time, so the declination stated on maps will not be accurate if they are several years old. Recent Comments.

Orienting a Map

Great stuff!!! Indeed, declination and right ascencion are used to find the celestial position of stars. It can lead you to civilization or into miles of endless wilderness.

If you know where you are on your map, you can also orient your map by distant features. Tip two: William says: If you can see a known mountain in one direction and a lake off another way, then just lay the map out and turn it so the corresponding marks on the map align with the distant features.

Map and Compass Navigation Part 1

To correctly use any map, you first need to orient it. Celestial objects are good navigation tools, particularly the North Star.

Start a fire with a battery and a staple How To:

how to orient a map boy scout