How to draw nadeshiko shugo chara characters

This causes Amu to flusteredly try to stop her from crying, though Nagihiko lazily points out Rima was faking tears.

how to draw nadeshiko shugo chara characters

Amu has a bit of a crush on Kukai in the first season of Shugo Chara, though this is demonstrated more in the anime; as in the manga, Amu appears to see him as more of a big brother. She was also the reason that Hikaru obtained his Heart's Egg, and the first to realise how lonely he had been.

Nagihiko Fujisaki

Amu first becomes "Amulet Angel" in Episode 29 of the anime and Chapter 18 of the manga. By being super cute and innocent, she can attract attention of boys.

Her egg was created a while after Ran, Miki, and Su were born. It is Amu who reforms Lulu after a final battle against her.

Su is the third guardian character to hatch. The Humpty Lock glitters with yellow light. It is a tradition in the Fujisaki family for the males to be raised as females as part of their training so that they may play female roles in Japanese dances.

how to draw nadeshiko shugo chara characters

He wears a beanie with two small blue wings on his head, and blue finger-less gloves. In chapter 45 , she uses her powers to open a Road of Stars that allows her to travel through time and space.

Amu Hinamori grew up with a tough character on the outside and everyone in school labels her as "cool and spicy," but deep down she is very hesitant and timid. Because Amu disliked everything that happened in the spring term, Dia lost sight of her owner, became an X-Character, and went to Utau Hoshina.

how to draw nadeshiko shugo chara characters

However, the Character Change, while short, is powerful and makes Amu spontaneously start drawing to the point that she has no control over her body. She also has possibly fake wings attached to her back. In the manga, the main pairing is 'Amuto' Amu and Ikuto. Her outfit is a short yellow idol dress. Due to his alternate identity, he was forced to conceal his basketball skills, and to jump only as high as an average girl.

how to draw nadeshiko shugo chara characters

As a character with an intense shine, Amulet Dia's powers are mostly associated with stars and light. Amulet Angel represents the desire to make love come true and to be more innocent.

The two eventually became best friends and Nadeshiko looked over and supports Amu in her love life.

Amu Hinamori

While she was turned down by Tadase at that point; since then, Tadase took an interest in her. Also, though she can't see it very well, those around her notice that she has changed. He has been seen playing basketball as a young child, and is an extremely high jumper and good shooter. It can also activate itself when Nadeshiko is in, or watching any sort of competition.

how to draw nadeshiko shugo chara characters

Like with Miki, Amu does not have much control over her body, to the point that Amu's character literally changes into much more girly version of herself. As Yamato Maihime, Nagihiko wears a long kimono with a white and purple gradient.