How to create creased paper in photoshop

As long as it's close to being one third of the way across, you're good:. No part of it may be used without my written permission.

With the FOLDS layer selected, place the folds gradient clicking on the exact bottom of the paper texture 1 and without releasing the mouse, drag it to the exact top of the paper texture 2 pressing SHIFT to make a perfect vertical gradient. Get the Basics Down in 1 Hour. The image after adding several brush strokes to the first vertical fold line.

Creases and folds, instead, are more subtle.

Realistic Wrinkled Paper In Photoshop

For your selection of the paper you want to keep, you will want to have a somewhat irregular border, but not too strange. It is just a visual illusion just to trick the eye.

how to create creased paper in photoshop

All we have to do is to add an extremely subtle drop shadow and a couple of brush strokes. As you can tell, I made quite a few swirls that create things that almost look like creases and shading. Creases are not blade sharp.

Create paper folds and creases in Photoshop

Rather than painting brush strokes manually, click with your brush directly above the first vertical fold line the one on the left. Adobe Photoshop.

how to create creased paper in photoshop

You'll love my Photoshop classes! Make a new layer. For whatever purpose you have for this tutorial, you will now certainly know how to do it well. Please visit it: Enter your Email. This settings should be changed according to the size of the image.

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Thanks Richard, keep it up. To enhance the effect even further, let's add some wear and tear lines to the folds, and we'll do that using a custom brush.

Go up to the View menu in the Menu Bar along the top of the screen and choose Rulers. The selection should be adjacent and should not superimpose the paper texture.

how to create creased paper in photoshop

This opens the large Filter Gallery set to the Plastic Wrap filter. If you want the borders, then you're done!