How to calculate sum in excel vba

Cells 1, 1 , LookIn: Can anyone help?

Using SUM In a Macro

View the most recent newsletter. Regarding the second point: I1000 results in a circular reference, and if I change the RC ref to -250 it flips the sum range where there are less than 250 rows above the activecell.

how to calculate sum in excel vba

You may leave a space or two if you wish. You can find a version of this tip for the ribbon interface of Excel Excel 2007 and later here: But all the functions that are available through the main Excel screen can also be accessed using VBA code. Hot Network Questions.

Learn VBA Code Sum a Column In Excel

I hope you find this to be useful. Go back to your spreadsheet and you should see this:.


Hi Tim, Are you using. R[-1]C " 'Col J Which works well as long as there are only 10 rows.

how to calculate sum in excel vba

Thanks so much man. I6 " it works OK.

how to calculate sum in excel vba

Author Bio. If you want to sum values then use the following: What happens instead?

Using Excel's own WorkSheet Function in VBA

Learn more about Allen... Related 537. I hope that I have been of some help. Welcome to the forum.

how to calculate sum in excel vba

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