How to beat level 147 pet rescue

how to beat level 147 pet rescue

Peetra Mainewil. Pet Rescue Saga Level 139 played by www. Thankfully Cidinha. Level 147 Cheat 1: Pet Rescue Saga Level 139 skillgaming 6 years ago.

Solution for Level 147 (Winter's Edge)

You can also us the Snipping Tool which is available in all versions of Windows Vista, 7, and 8 except the Starter and Basic editions. Pet Rescue Saga Level 100 skillgaming 6 years ago. You need to get the blocks out from the middle of the board by making moves on the left, bottom side of the board.

how to beat level 147 pet rescue

Que debo hacer? Votre jeu est formidable on attends avec impatience les levels 103 et plus Merci Merci Merci.

how to beat level 147 pet rescue

Android Take a Screenshot with Android 4. Pet Rescue Saga Level 146.

Pet Rescue Level 147 Cheats and Tips

I am having trouble with Level 84 and the video for hints and tips will not play for me on Youtube. In my computer does not open the Pet, the screen stays blanco. Pet Rescue Saga level 2331 no boosters tobias deamon 3 months ago.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 124 skillgaming 6 years ago.

How to beat pet rescue 147

Not anymore. What other levels have changed? Submit how-to video! This is made for the guide at... Our strategy to to beat pet rescue level 174 is at www. Ok I understand and whitelisted you, let me in! Pet Rescue Saga Level 79 no booster played by www. Need help with this level?

how to beat level 147 pet rescue

Just completed level 102 and cant seem to move on? Pet Rescue Saga Level 144 skillgaming 6 years ago. All this will also make it easier for you to rescue pets when you are stuck in a movement. Pet Rescue Saga Level 141 played by www. Thank you so much for the videos!