Homemade aiptasia zapper how to

D.I.Y Majano / Aiptasia wand / taser / zapper

The one I built fries every thing I touch with it. This has worked really well as the flow is slow enough it only picks up detritus not sand and allows me to get all areas of the tank I can reach with out draining my 3 and 5 gal to quickly. Not to mention the common aiptasia sp. So I treated over the course of a couple of weekends.

homemade aiptasia zapper how to

How about everyone else? Sounds like you didn't zap the foot good enough. Log in Register. Apr 23, 2013. Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Originally Posted by jeffm59.

DIY Aiptasia Zapper

I'm a little surprised these aren't regulated as they can do some serious damage to your eyes by accident. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Originally Posted by meowzer http: Interesting DIY project -- following this one.

I'll keep trying with the Aips though. I did notice though that the bubles from it did shrink up my zoas when they directly touched them.

DIY Aiptasia Zapper at work

I can tell you that the copper do seem to be producing the same gas bubbles or at least some type of gas bubbles the moment that I flip the switch. So any bit of tissue that does not die will be able to get lodged somewhere and reproduce.

homemade aiptasia zapper how to

Also depends how much amperage your power supply puts out I used a syringe needle from some of my acrylic stuff and I used a two part Polymeric Isocyanate casting resin to seal everything.

A couple years ago they built a few at a meeting. Log in.

homemade aiptasia zapper how to

Jan 2011 Location: I need and want one. Saxman, do you remember how many volts that thing was using? Jul 2010 Location: Will Work for Help!

homemade aiptasia zapper how to