X12 car amplifier specs howard

It does not fight the simulation the way most amps do.

x12 car amplifier specs howard

My advise is to find gear that does this for you. Give this amp a shot if you can find one.

x12 car amplifier specs howard

Since bass requires the most power to reproduce, rated power at a single test tone will not be a very good real world comparison. Years of Production: Casters Corners: This is NOT a bad amp though.

Fender Super Twin

Amplifiers must be rated for RMS root-mean-square power, however these numbers are usually buried somewhere in the spec sheet. Make sure that the rated power goes all the way down to 20Hz — the lowest frequency that you can hear and the most demanding. The Greenbacks gave is some real character.

But I hooked to a Music Man 212 reflex cabinet with green backs in it. They are graphic, not parametric. He only have one channel i guess.

The Marshall, on the other hand, was simple, rugged, and lighter, and could be played in clubs instead of stadiums…. I the very early 1980s I was in a band with a guy who used a super twin as a keyboard amp — with his main instrument being a Roland Jupiter 4, which is a beast of a thing, in a good way. Hey, I use a ST build into a only head-version for bass amplification.

My amp looks pretty good, way better than the one displayed here, I am glad I ordered the covers for it when I bought the amp and Rhodes. Their guitarist had dozens of them stacked up behind him.

x12 car amplifier specs howard

Is that the problem? Can somebody explain?

Car Audio Amplifier Specs Demystified And Explained

Left the amp overnight in my car in Calgary in 30C below and when I took it into the gig and turned it on all I heard was crack crack crack crack crack crack crack crack, , the frozen tubes cracking from thermal shock. Currently evaluating one for a client. Does anyone out there have a EQ knob for one of these? Dont you know where is the truth please?? Will be taking mine to a jam later this week, I run a chorus pedal with the Rhodes, sounds great. The last number to look at is the rated frequency range.

x12 car amplifier specs howard