What does your no spring chicken mean

And try to run faster.

what does your no spring chicken mean

The figurative meaning comes from the literal meaning: Amongst the varieties of poultry recently purchased are single poussin, double poussin, spring chickens, roasting chickens and capons.

Spring chicken:.

what does your no spring chicken mean

Specifically, people mean that they are past the prime of their young adult years, rather than their childhood. Sign up now Log in. Cecilia is in the conference room screaming and throwing a temper tantrum right now. We just started playing.

What Does No Spring Chicken Mean?

Daisy White Daisy White 23 4. Spring chicken. Mari-Lou A 62.

what does your no spring chicken mean

Restaurants, therefore, sometimes advertise that their chickens are spring chickens , meaning they have been harvested at the perfect time. There's certainly no criticism involved except to point out a behavior that's unbecoming one's advanced age, as in your example.

no spring chicken

Meaning of spring chicken in English. It's neither a compliment nor negative as such.

No Spring Chicken

Well, what can I say? However it's almost always used in the expression "no spring chicken", suggesting that the person being described can no longer be considered "young" but rather is getting a little "long in the tooth", and this sense is generally negative without being exceedingly so. February 20, 2019.

what does your no spring chicken mean

A spring chicken is a young fowl ready for eating, which was originally in the spring. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. A chicken slaughtered at a young age tastes tender.

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