How to use ipods in the classroom

how to use ipods in the classroom

An example of how videos were utilized in this project includes using YouTube for vintage SchoolHouse Rock episodes about the three branches of government and mathematical concepts about circles. Upload up to 5 free stories to the Story Wheel site.

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Instant Response System Capabilities One of the most popular functions that we used the iPods for was using them as an interactive response system. The students observed each other for a week and then sent a message to a classmate, including a paragraph that highlighted the good qualities that classmate possessed.

how to use ipods in the classroom

By uploading classroom music to an iPod, teachers can create playlists for units or themes. Then try to add more. The iPod Touch devices allow music as a learning tool in the classroom, not as just a form of entertainment.

how to use ipods in the classroom

Great phonics practice. Select place of work. The iPods performed many of the functions of a typical computer, thus allowing the students to complete more projects in less time.

iPods and iPads in the Classroom

Students name the target number using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. After short lessons on how to find reputable, trustworthy web sites, the students were able to use the iPods for writing projects, including informational reports, biographies, and content area projects. In a pilot project, six iPod Touch devices were given to students of a fifth-grade classroom. Incorporating Mindfulness into Your Classroom. Map work using Google Earth or Skitch 4.

Google Drive. When you are searching for it in the App Store, make sure that you have iPhone selected rather than iPad.

Using the iPod Touch in Education: Technology Tips for Teachers

Raise your hand if you can tell me what the directions are telling you to do. Answers should refer to mixing ingredients together and baking. The first time the students were instructed in how to use the iPods, they were in small, heterogeneous groups. Great for students to map out a story, create a report, or organize their thoughts. PaperPort Notes. Bingo, Challenge, Calculator tools.

Work with students to identify personal goals and supporting apps and provide them with opportunities to practice for a few minutes each day.

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Once students have had time to work on a challenge collaboratively or individually they will be ready to share. Sitemap Close Sitemap.

how to use ipods in the classroom

See our idea file.