How to unmute kodi on android

We are not aware of anyone else ever reporting muted sound after an update and there is nothing in the update process that would cause the sound to be muted, so unfortunately it is either a bumped keyboard or smartphone remote app - as those can mute Kodi as well or a cosmic anomoly.

Hey Sam, I am running kodi on openelec, raspberry pi 2 model b No updates, just one day, it was muted.

*FIX* No sound on media playback on Android box/ Kodi

This morning it asked to restart to install an upgrade. I reset the audio settings to default. Odd muted status in upper right corner after upgrade Help and Support.


Somehow you have muted Kodi. Same with radio streams that used to work fine, all muted.

how to unmute kodi on android

No updates, just one day, it was muted. It was working right before the upgrade.

how to unmute kodi on android

So far, they have not been impressed as I googled how to unmute this. Any ideas? Saw the youtube video that tried to address this problem, but my volume setting is set all the way to the right. Used it yesterday and it was good.

I will never use mute, can I permanently disable it? I have successfully Unmuted through yahtzee, but every time my pi reboots, mute comes back on. Be sure to upgrade to the September update: Tried to play Pandora, again no sound.

how to unmute kodi on android

Made sure audio output is through HDMI. You may have more joy on the OE forum Sam.

how to unmute kodi on android

Press F8 on an attached keyboard to un-mute. DBMandrake 2015-09-27 15: The red mute icon in the upper right is coming from OSMC.

how to unmute kodi on android

Spent a long time dinking with it just to get it working like it was before. Tried restarting.