How to read a map geography learning

Measure and use map scale to calculate. OpenLearn works with other organisations by providing free courses and resources that support our mission of opening up educational opportunities to more people in more places. He is the author of both a geography reference book and a guide to winning National Geography Bee contests.

How To Read A Map

Listed below are important features of a map and an explanation about them. This is usually straight up — but not always!

how to read a map geography learning

On a map, it looks like this: Maps also help us to know distances so that we know how far away one thing is from another. Pinpoint your destination. Between paper and electronic maps, many of us are now using maps on an almost daily basis.

how to read a map geography learning

Pick up a complete roadmap of your area before you set out on a road trip. The symbol for a secondary highway used on a United States Geological Survey topographic map represents a railroad on Swiss maps. Spatial Thinking and Maps Skills in Young Children Spatial thinking allows students to comprehend and analyze phenomena related to the places and spaces around them—and at scales from what they can touch and see in a room or their neighborhood to a world map or globe.

Mapping Landforms. These are spot heights above sea level. Over the last 20 years, OS have also worked on geographical big data in a digital format. A map isn't very useful if you don't know where you are relative to your position on it. Choose the right type of map.

how to read a map geography learning

Most maps also let you know where north is on the map. Each contour line on a 1: If you can identify 3 surrounding features in real-life and pinpoint them on your map, you can be quite confident that you have located yourself. The most common scale to use while hiking is 1: Model Student Work. Maps are an intrinsic feature of the modern world - they hold both intellectual and aesthetic qualities.

Map Reading

Many people become totally immersed in maps, others find it helpful to use mapping Apps on smartphones or navigation systems in cars. These are called contour lines and represent a given elevation as it falls upon the contour of the landscape.

how to read a map geography learning

Unless otherwise specified, the top of the map will always correspond with North.