How to make model railway catenary

An other option is to go with close enough.

Manage Topic. Most manufacturers of model railroad overhead wires also offer models of the more simplified construction. Model Railroader Video Plus. Availability is one negative factor, but I would be interested in some of the Model Memories examples. ReadingFan Member.

how to make model railway catenary

View Member Profile. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Model Engines Under the Wire:. Do you, or anyone else, know what issue it is in? Good for recreating historical mainline steam trains!

Catenary System for Model Electric Trains | O Gauge Railroading On Line Forum

The short line overhead is a work in progress. As Roger has indicated above, prototype catenary essentially behaves as a thick heavy rope made of wire, of course and needs to be tensioned.

how to make model railway catenary

I built a catenary system to an existing layout. Modeling it involves a lot of fiddly little bits, produced in limited quantities, so bargains will be few and far between I suspect.

HO Catenary?

Manage Follow Preferences Loading... Stay up to date. Needless to say I changed my order to 10 of wire and now have a lifetime supply that might be in the miles of wire. Whatever is was they used, they had it weathered to the green-oxidised copper that the real catenary looks like.

how to make model railway catenary

I am very tempted to do a little research to see what would be the costs involved in setting up and producing some, but first a little market research! The wires are comparatively easy to set up but are oversize in terms of scale accuracy and are not PPR prototype.

Cheers Jim. Just be very careful and conscientious about catenary installation into tunnels or inaccessible places on your layout.

how to make model railway catenary