How to find an erdos number infinite

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The Erdős number

A Swedish translation of this page by Valeria Aleksandrova is available. If you are a coauthor of a coauthor i.

how to find an erdos number infinite

Nice post, Mike. Sorry to nitpick but it seems hard to let this pass! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: More and more people are tackling difficult math problems as a team. He was interested in prime numbers, probability and proofs, among a lot of other mathematical delights.

What’s your Erdös number?

Click here to try it but it is probably not too accurate, as it easily confuses people with similar names. He always looked the same, in a suit and a white shirt with an open collar. This site uses cookies. In contrast the upper bound for the Nobel Prize in Medicine is 11.

I find it hard to believe that more mathematicians write exactly 7 papers than all other numbers of papers combined. Try it. There is another website that offers a service like this, run by Microsoft. It is interesting for tenure review committees?

Computing Your Erdös Number

CC BY 3. To contrast, most mathematicians write 7 papers in their entire life!

Imaginary Erdős Number - Numberphile

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It'll just take a moment. Mass , Greene Columbia , Goldfeld Columbia , Nash Princeton Goldberg Queens , Huntley Baruch , and others have been directly or indirectly helpful to me, even if not at all especially clear or interested in the topic of this article.

how to find an erdos number infinite

Many of these have a central theme: Watkins and Robin Wilson April 4 th 2015 The idea of six degrees of separation is now quite well known and posits the appealing idea that any two humans on earth are connected by a chain of at most six common acquaintances.

Of course we turned to Wikipedia to adjudicate this important dispute. I was defeated.

how to find an erdos number infinite