How to drilling holes in glass bottles

High-speed drilling causes overheating and glass-powder buildup at the drill site; it can also ruin the bit.

how to drilling holes in glass bottles

This article was co-authored by Mark Spelman. The tape will give your bit some traction and keep it from wandering on the otherwise slippery glass surface. Thanks for sharing! It will give, then release at the moment of break-through. The auger style seemed to grab the glass right at the point of making it through the glass and cracking the entire bottle. Try putting the water in a squirt bottle and apply it as you drill. Don your protective goggles and hold the drill at a right angle 90 degrees to the glass surface.

how to drilling holes in glass bottles

Right at the point of drilling through the glass bottles, the entire bottle cracked. Hence, drill the backside where the glass is not as thick. That worked well. Place the glass in a small container, if it fits. If not pressure fed, lift drill every second to allow coolant to flow back in.

STEP 4 Replace the starter bit with a larger one if your project calls for a wider hole.

How To: Drill a Hole in Glass

I prefer to place a cushion of material old sweat shirt on the drill press table to absorb a little pressure from the drill bit pressing on the glass while drilling. My dad had a hardware store. You could put a bottle with water in it and a small hole in it at the drill hole.

Be sure to follow the rest of the tips in this article. Just not in the budget at this time.

Drilling Holes in Glass Bottles

Edit Related wikiHows. I have a birdhouse that I had glazed, and it dripped into the hole I need. NoelA11 1 year ago.

how to drilling holes in glass bottles