How much money is star wars worth

It is the magnitude of the add-ons to box receipts that make Star Wars unique and as someone who has partaken in all of them, I can attest to their power. Financial Advice. Carrie Fisher is also thought to have earned in the tens of thousands for her portrayal of Princess Leia as well as taking a 0. To the extent that this movie, like its predecessors, will generate add-on revenues, there will be substantially more money to be made over the next few years.

how much money is star wars worth

Those results have already borne fruit with Marvel, especially with the Avenger movies, and we may be be seeing the beginnings of the Star Wars dividends.

It is estimated that Disney already made back the purchase price of Marvel by the time the first Avengers film was released. Popular Courses.

The money behind Star Wars: From A New Hope to global mega-franchise

At the time of the acquisition, I argued that it was a fair price, given Disney's history with developing, maintaining and merchandising franchises, but had to draw on the potential for synergy to justify the number. Disney will probably license most of the merchandise, passing of the risk to others, but settling for a share of the operating income.

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Why Is The Star Wars Franchise So Valuable? (DIS)

To estimate the franchise value, I used the operating margins of the movie 20. The Marvel Universe came with even more history than the Star Wars franchise and hundreds of established characters to work with.

The value is obviously a function of movie revenues and the add-on dollar values:.

how much money is star wars worth

Star Wars has a large universe already, with opportunities up and down the narrative stream for new stories. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. Movies in chronological order; box office receipts for first three films include collections from their theatrical re-release in the 1990s. The Star Trek franchise is another example, of course, and inspires similar fandom across generations.

Upgrade to Premium. I am not a fan of acquisition-driven growth, primarily because the process so often leads to overpaying for growth, but Disney may have found an acquisition model albeit a limited one that works with its Star Wars and Marvel acquisitions.

how much money is star wars worth