How does transparent touch screen work

The Mirage Giant lets presenters place real objects, like the Nike Roshe Run sneakers in the look-thru display box to catch the eye of the audience, while playing digital content to tell a brand story.

Clearview Holographic Effect Rear Projection.

how does transparent touch screen work

With a focus on building partnerships with clients, he's doing consultation from a commercial but also from a technical view. Your customers will notice not only the technology itself, but also how you use it. If you can think of a great application, please get in touch. For business owners who are looking for an engaging and compelling solution going beyond the traditional touch display, the perfect answer can be a transparent touch display.

how does transparent touch screen work

Clearview is a highly transparent optical diffusion projection technology which creates a holographic effect. Made for indoor or outdoor settings. This innovative technology can make your display window come to life through sleek, neat glass. Real MultiTouch 10 simultaneous touch points Suitable for the use of gestures.

The panel itself is a thin layer of glass with liquid crystals, while a white illumination system is placed right behind it. Black pixels appear opaque, while white pixels appear fully transparent. Interactive Glass Surface Technology With our interactive glass surfaces, you can make any glass tabletop into a fully functional touch device.

Product Anatomy. You can transform and glass tabletop into an app or computer, with the interactive glass surfaces.

Transparent Displays explained

SKY-Technology is een betrokken leverancier van display en embedded computing oplossingen. This product is out of production! Discover the breathtaking showcase opportunities, products in conjunction with digital touch media. Display oplossingen.

how does transparent touch screen work

Video Wall. However, nowadays are become more widely available various types of OLED see-through displays. Transparent touchscreen glass features our premier transparent LCD panels allowing a complete and powerful digital output while maintaining the transparency and sleek aesthetic of a standard glass panel.

Transparent Screens- The Magic of Transparent Technology

Naked fingers, gloved fingers or any other stylus with a minimum of 3mm size shape recognition fist, palm. Dieses Produkt wird aktuell nicht mehr produziert!

Hongkong AIOPC OLED intelligent sensor control, touch screen transparent

Application Examples. MMT relies on technology performance and robust construction to meet the demands of projects seeking interactive hardware to communicate with prospects at trade shows, showrooms, reception areas, museums and shopping malls.

how does transparent touch screen work

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