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But, a lot of hospital interventions can fall into that broad category: I also am only at this hospital for 20 hours a week, so my services are far from readily available.

The names are all read aloud by various staff and then the staff are able to cite a particular memory and light a candle in a pts honor. Their nurse starts counseling patients and families about the dire nature ALS at diagnosis.

My patients with long term chest tubes do complain of often severe pain from the tube. Also helps with the documentation. J Am Med Dir Assoc. So it is very important to know one source of salary. We also offer a palliative care all-day seminar mostly based on ELNEC as a core course once or twice a year out of our nursing education department. We suggest them in a very select group of individuals; usually people we feel have more than days to live and for whom their recurring ascites has significant impact on their quality of life and for whom a home plan is feasible.

This is my understanding as well. We have sent about 5 people home with this setup and they are easier to manage than either the Tenkoff or Pleurex catheters and are significantly less costly for the hospice to manage.


I have been a Therapeutic Touch practitioner for decades and consider it just another aspect of my comprehensive approach to patient care. Dawn Wilkerson TEL: I am fairly new to palliative care and I am looking at ways to reach out to the community and do some community education. Ideas on cost and how long it lasts. It is best to call 3 to 4 companies to get estimates and sometimes they will make you a deal.

IV methadone can prolong the QTc interval? Is there anything similar for outpatients? Seems like people only think of us as terminal care as well, so sometimes we are not accepted because we are only for the dying!

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I am also involved in teaching at the University a course and Pall Care and Hospice. Margaret L. My experience is similar to Kelli's. Do not inject into areas where the skin is tender, bruised, red, or hard. As a lifelong Southerner, I subscribe wholeheartedly to the philosophy of dressing children traditionally. There are probably more questions but these are the big ones right now.