Geocaching and what is it

Once you are done searching for the cache because you found it or you gave up , you should return to Geocaching.

geocaching and what is it

At its most basic level, geocaching is a game where players use GPS receivers to track down a container, or cache. Some geocaches can be as small as a hearing aid battery, and others can be as large as a dumpster.

geocaching and what is it

My kids love SWAG and it keeps them motivated when we are hiking all day. Geocaching enthusiasts hope to have individuals and groups all over the world secrete caches in a wide variety of locations and post the caches' coordinates on the Internet.

The goal is to trade even or trade up.

What is Geocaching and How Is It Done?

Instead, think McDonald's Happy Meal toys, plastic dinosaurs, arcade tokens and other cheap trinkets like Cracker Jack prizes or inexpensive birthday party favors. You'll want to come prepared with a pencil or pen, and a trinket or two to swap.

geocaching and what is it

If you are a beginning geocacher, it is best to get experience finding bigger geocaches first. The small caches are called micros, and they can be the hardest to find. Some of my friends just use their iPhones. Many caches will include a pencil, but bring your own to jot down notes just in case. We'll send you an email containing your password. Scroll down for the next article. In some parts of the world, summer is ready to kick off, and folks are looking for something fun and free to do with their free time.

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There is a legend that gives some basic information about the cache can it be be done in under an hour? Thank you, , for signing up. The high-tech treasure hunt combines GPS tracking with outdoor adventure, and it's fun for all ages. However, the military developed technology that would allow them to scramble GPS signals over sensitive areas, so Selective Availability became obsolete. Business continuity policy is the set of standards and guidelines an organization enforces to ensure resilience and proper risk...

These can be coordinates for the cache, for a starting point, or for parking.

geocaching and what is it

More in Raising Kids. However, there is no requirement for a writing utensil and teensy little scrolls can fit in almost anything. You can also use your phone for notes if that's easier—whatever makes the geocaching experience more fun and easier to do. How Gem Hunting Works.

What is Geocaching?

Is it snow friendly? To understand what geocaching is all about, let's take a look at its history. Participants in a geocaching adventure use the features and capability of a GPS unit to find the cache. Powered by: This GC number will be its identifying mark throughout the community.