Derpy hooves and doctor whooves deviantart games

But as he watched his companion all but sail about the console, eyes straight for the first time in possibly her life, he couldn't help but feel his hearts begin to crack.

And now, as he bent down to retrieve the sonic, everything was about to crash. He didn't answer her. And so empty. The pegasus turned around and trotted coolly into the little blue box, head held high.

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Now she wouldn't have to ask him about it anymore, since he was very certain she could now fly it on her own. But anyway, enjoy! The gray pegasus' wings unfolded as she skidded to a halt, avoiding getting nicked in the ear by a laser beam by no more than an inch. He made it his mission to watch over and protect his companion, but made even more of an effort to not let her see him. It was amazing how much of him he had seen in her all this time.

derpy hooves and doctor whooves deviantart games

He looked at her — she was so quiet now. I want it to be a surprise! Because she can't ," she squeaked.

derpy hooves and doctor whooves deviantart games

Just In All Stories: He pulled a lever and looked up seriously at her bright face. You touched me and all my regeneration energy transferred to you.

With a quick flick of the dials by her teeth, the small green light began to glow and a furious whirring sound filled the air.

[MMDxMLP] A Derpy Love Story-Animation

And also the one just beneath it provided some inspiration as well. There was a spark. Some good things weren't meant to last...

derpy hooves and doctor whooves deviantart games