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Graham reminded me of the story about W. Related No related posts. Bradlee was initially somewhat skeptical of the film, whose production would eventually involve movie stars and crew members crawling through the Post newsroom, but came around because he thought it would improve the final product. I thought about how the public might now see why journalism is necessary. Don't duck 'em, but don't fight second-rate opponents.

Sally Quinn , the editor and widow of the late Ben Bradlee , met her future husband at a job interview for the Washington Post. Ben Bradlee Jr. Leaning on a desk in the Post newsroom while debating with Woodward and Bernstein about whether to run an early Watergate story, Robards' Bradlee says, "I can't do the reporting for my reporters, which means I have to trust them.

That's right.

Ben Bradlee's cinematic legacy in 'All the President's Men'

It was the scoop that paved the way for the Watergate investigation. Steven Spielberg commemorated a close encounter with some of his famous friends Thursday night with a star-studded selfie.

In an interview with The Fresno Bee, Mr. A cover-up that spanned four U. Schreiber, did Mr.

5 Ben Bradlee Quotes for Communicators to Live By

May 7, 2012 issue of New York Subscribe! Bob revered him, and so I did, too.

Ben Bradlee interview on Journalism and The Washington Post (1995)

Now, the son has his own Hollywood avatar in Mr. In a key scene, which you can watch the video above which contains obscene language , Bradlee's on-screen avatar demonstrates the qualities a journalist should aspire to: He truly is a master at work.

Graham must be turning over in their graves because of the way you are dragging down what used to be a wonderful newspaper. The National Board of Review fell in love with it, and plenty of other voters are about to.

Inspired by true events.