Who was the first female politician

Dame Enid was an extremely popular MP, winning her seat with an increasing majority at each election during her eight-year career from 1943 to 1951.

who was the first female politician

Tell me more... She won the new electorate of Sydenham in 1946 and held this seat until her retirement in 1969. Smith had campaigned briefly for the post, limiting herself to periods when the Senate was not in session.

who was the first female politician

Elizabeth McCombs. See 25 more related biographies...

Milestones for Women in American Politics

Six women currently serve as governors: Women Congressional Candidates in 2018. Although New Zealand women had famously won the right to vote in 1893 see 19 September they were not allowed to stand for Parliament until 1919.

In 1949 she became the first woman to serve in the federal Cabinet.

who was the first female politician

First woman to run for president as a Democrat: Cathy Jenkins, No Ordinary Lives: Peter Fraser. By the Numbers: This page is no longer being updated.

New Zealand's first woman MP elected

Edward Jerningham Wakefield. A brief history of women in American politics. Lily Rees.

who was the first female politician

Tommy Taylor. Despite the legislation, it was 40 years between the first attempt by women to run for the Australian Parliament in 1903 and the swearing in of the first elected female representatives in 1943. Described by Tony Blair and John Major as an outstanding speaker, she chaired debates and called MPs to order with panache and good humour.

Ellen McCormack entered 20 state primaries for the Democratic presidential nomination as an anti-abortion candidate, winning 22 convention votes.