Who is rapper tink instagram

There was an intro, I had interludes.

who is rapper tink instagram

It wasn't that type of situation. That's it — it's nothing more than egos. But, after releasing a high volume of music on her own for three years, she felt like the opportunity with Timbaland was too good to pass up. I had to really just dig deep and find out what I wanted to say next.

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Read Next: But with no label backing or support, save for two productions from Timbaland on WD4 , the mixtapes failed to achieve commercial success. Twitter facebook youtube instagram. Sharon Gong. In the year before she signed to Mosley and Epic, she had flown to L. Tink is finally free.

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Share Tweet. In the photo, she stands confidently in front of a full-length mirror, wearing bronze heels, a denim skirt, and a mint green top.

who is rapper tink instagram

Additional reporting by Lakin Starling. Though she had always been an open book to her listeners, Tink found it hard to reconcile the person she was with the person it seemed like she needed to be to succeed in the industry, where she quickly recognized her talents, and the substance of her songs, would always come second.

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It's really just egos. I had to take a couple flights and sit down with different people who could actually help me in my situation. Only you can dictate the next chapter. After nearly four years in label limbo, the Chicago rapper and singer has been released from her deal with Timbaland. Then, in December 2017, she returned to Instagram with a selfie and a declaration.

who is rapper tink instagram

But it was Tim's call not to put it out. By Ben Dandridge-Lemco.

who is rapper tink instagram

Kelly arrested at Chicago precinct on criminal sexual abuse charges. I stepped into the deal just hoping that I would be accepted for whatever I created. After years going back and forth to Miami, Tink spends most of her time in Chicago now, though she said she spent a period recording in L.