When to use might or could

when to use might or could

Noah Noah 9,758 45 98 152. For all we know, she might have been undergoing counselling.

May or might?

The restaurant may close. Today I want to clear up any confusion between these two words and outline the unique characteristics of each of them.

when to use might or could

A lot of people use them interchangeably, especially in speech, but is there really no difference between the two? There's only one answer there at the moment, and it's not actually very good, so you'd be practically bound to get some kind of badge for reviving something so old.

when to use might or could

I don't think so, at least not reliably. Back Next.

May vs. Might: What’s the Difference?

Jonathan answered, "Oh, she may be making a video in the studio. I can make jewelry. Let's say we're supposed to meet Mike at 8 o'clock, and it's now 8: Could I take this jacket with me?

I might say:. You will hear both words to express the same degree of certainty. In fact, I doubt it.

may, might, may have and might have

How would you describe a possibility? It is less likely that the restaurant will close. Get our free widgets Add the power of Cambridge Dictionary to your website using our free search box widgets. He could not show up. Might I ask you a question? You may not borrow the car until you can be more careful with it. We waited for him, but he could not be here. There are about 17 modals in English. Could I get you more water? For example, let's say we're leaving the house for a few days, and we're trying to decide whether or not to leave the furnace on.

Can I have the bill? Its very useful for me.