Things to say when drunk texting humor

things to say when drunk texting humor

Topics drunk , drunk messages , funny drunk , funny drunk fails , funny drunk texts , funny messages , funny. I live in the rubble.

27 Of The Funniest Things People Have Drunk-Texted

Elise 1 year ago i can relate to this XD. I sent a drunk text to myself about my husband that said: This will 'transform' you.

Submitted by abbyg436ec1d83. I once drunk-texted a friend about 400 of the snail emojis. When you visit ScoopWhoop. There's nothing worse than waking up after a fun night and discovering that you somehow cracked your phone screen when you were intoxicated.

20 Hilariously Stupid Drunk Texts That’ll Make You Realise You’re Not The Only One

James A. When we drink a bit too much, we tend to turn into adult-sized babies!

things to say when drunk texting humor

I have no idea how else to initiate this booty call. There's nothing like a good game of beer pong or flip cup to help young adults forget about that paper they keep putting off or that exam the next morning, but there are some definite downsides to being drunk.

39 Of The Funniest Drunk Texts That People Have Ever Sent

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things to say when drunk texting humor

This comment is hidden. This guy went right up to a little person, presented him with a mushroom and yelled "Grow, Mario!

things to say when drunk texting humor

Well, because he got tired of playing Fruit Ninja on his phone and wanted to try to master the game in real life! This guy definitely falls in the "drink more than anyone else" category.

I texted someone I had "relations" with while I was drunk. Elise 1 year ago what a kind buddy.